Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fun Happenings at Conference

Pitching our novels to agents and/or editors is probably the scariest thing we do at conference. Practicing our pitches is probably next to the scariest thing we do. I don't have the courage to practice with real live people--especially at conference. Look what happened to my friend Christa when she pitched to my crit partner, Sandra. Nothing like a genuine yawn to make a girl feel confident.

By now you know that Marcia got a three-book contract, but that isn't all she was excited about. Evidently someone sent her a new picture of her baby miniature dachshund,Ruby. See Lisa and Janelle oohhh and ahhhhh? Okay, sweet puppies and book contracts: what more can a girl ask for?
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Conference was a real high for me because I got to meet my agent, Les Stobbe. Sandra's playing it cool. How can I be cool in a "Suspect Everyone" t-shirt? The way I'm hanging on to his arm, he's probably thinking he'll never get rid of me.
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Ever been accused of looking like a celebrity? I've had several people at church tell me I look like Paula Deen. I didn't take them seriously, especially after I heard her accent. She's from Georgia and I'm a born and bred Texan living in Louisiana. I have no accent. :) When several ladies at conference told me I resembled Paula Deen, I came home, googled her and learned a little more. Okay... so we have a few things in common. She can cook . . . Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I can heat up!
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Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Jess, you're so funny! I love your voice. The same thing comes out in your characters.

Sandra Robbins said...

How funny, Jess! We had a great time at conference, didn't we? In fact I haven't recuperated yet. And in defense of my yawn to Christa, I have to tell you I was just joking with her. She has an awesome story, and I know it's going to be published.

Sandra Robbins

Marcia Gruver said...

What a hoot! I'm with you, girl. Why cook when you can nuke it. Leave shaking those pots and pans to Paula, ya'll! Great post.

Jessica Ferguson said...

Uhhhh, Marcia, I could never nuke a TV dinner. I like my tatar tots browned. LOL

And I never stray away from Night Hawk.

TEXAS TV Dinners. :) The BEST! \o/

Erica Vetsch said...

LOL, fun post. I wish I'd thought to get my picture taken with Les.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you're in soooooooo much trouble. The next time you take a pic of me, please remind me to wear long sleeves.'re forgiven. But the washcloth is another issue entirely...

Georgiana Daniels said...

LOL, Paula Dean! I can heat up too =) And you're right...pitching is scary!