A Bad Guy Forever

If you spent 18 months in jail for a crime you didn’t commit, could you fall in love with the person who sent you there?

Interim principal of a small private school in Chicory, Louisiana, MIRANDA SMITH passionately prepares students for high school so they won’t make mistakes that will ruin their life—the way her friend ALEX HAMILTON did. As a high school senior, when Miranda heard the rumor that Alex planted a bomb and created a hate list, she immediately warned school officials. She had no idea the people of Chicory—certain of his guilt— would make an example of Alex. Life for both of them snowballed out of control. Now, after disappearing for twelve years, Alex Hamilton is back in town.
Because of his work, Alex is temporarily in Chicory. All he wants is to live a quiet life and dutifully raise his eleven year-old niece, Katie. He enrolls her in Country Day School and immediately, bomb threats and hate mail cause parents and teachers to criticize Miranda and point fingers at Alex. Miranda fears that Alex is back for revenge, until a series of incidents indicate that he is being framed. Together she and Alex thread their way through the memories and relationships of their senior year. A final attempt to settle an old score puts Miranda in danger and reveals not only the culprit, but Alex’s unwavering love.