Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IWSG Day: Catch Your Dreams

Don't you just love IWSG Day? It comes around the first Wednesday of each month and we get to visit hundreds of blogs that are filled with encouragement.  IWSG stands for Insecure Writers Support Group and was founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh.  If you're interested follow other IWSG members here or on twitter using the hashtag #IWSG. We also have a Facebook page.  Hey, we even have a tee shirt!

What have you accomplished since our last IWSG posting? You know, don't you, that if you actually write down your goals, you'll come near achieving them. At least that's what I've heard. I'm a list maker so I've always written down goals, right along with my grocery list and things to do. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't look at my list.

I've accomplished a few things during the past few weeks. I've always wanted to write a series of books about friends. A few weeks ago, I started my series. Every morning I crawl out of bed, grab my coffee and go into my office to write. I've finished rough drafts of Book 1, Book 2 and tomorrow I start Book 3. My intention is to write three 15,000 word stories and wrap up the series with a 30,000 word novella. My four friends will show up in each stand-alone story. 

I'm pretty excited about this series, but even more excited that I've been able to keep my momentum and write. I hope I'm not disappointed when I go back through and read these rough drafts. A couple of times I've sat for a moment or two, wondering what was supposed to happen next, but as real writers do... I just opened a vein. Okay, I'm kidding. I opened my heart. I love my characters. Their problems are real. I'm doing the Camp NaNoWriMo thing too--trying  to hang on to that momentum.

Another thing I'm excited about is that I'll be speaking at the Texas Gulf Coast Writers mini-conference in August. More about that later.

What are you working on? What have you accomplished since last month's IWSG day? We need to get busy and catch our dreams. Let me hear how you're catching yours.