The Last Daughter

My novella, Peace of Heart, is complete. I submitted it to The Wild Rose Press that publishes the Scrimshaw Doll series. It was ACCEPTED!!  I emailed the contract today: November 12, 2012.

Will tell you more about it, and the series soon.

* * *

Did the first pass on revising before my editor does her thing--line editing. The title has been changed to The Last Daughter.


BECKY said...

I'm stopping by because I read about your blog on Laura B.Writer.

Congratulations of your acceptance! That is fabulous! And what odd timing....I just last night finally sent off my memoir to my editor! I've only been writing it for YEARS!

Congrats again on your writing successes. I'm your new follower!

Jessica Ferguson said...

Becky, thanks for following and congrats on getting your memoir finished and out the door! I'm heading over to your site now. :)

Lexa Fisher said...

Jess, just saw your information about Last Daughter on the novella class introductions and immediately downloaded it. :) I love family history mysteries!


Jessica Ferguson said...

Linda, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it. Leave a review either way! ;)