Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Making A Commitment

I've spent the past few days preparing for tomorrow. Mentally and emotionally. I can't help but feel a frazzle of fear inside my chest. Still, I felt drawn to the idea the very moment the words left Roseanna's mouth and I've never felt drawn to fasting. That's right--the Daniel fast. Sunday night I googled the Daniel fast and learned all I could about it. Monday I let the visual idea of it permeate my mind. Tuesday, I emailed Roseanna to ask if she'd actually started it and what she ate for breakfast. Tuesday night, I made my grocery list and today, I bought groceries. If you aren't familiar with the Daniel Fast, read below.
I'm nervous. I don't want to fail.

A Daniel fast is a specific fast that refrains from many of the rich foods you might enjoy throughout the year and simplifies your diet. It is important to remember that the intent of any fast is to deny yourself something that you would normally do in order to focus more specifically on the Lord and prayer. In considering a dietary fast such as a “Daniel” fast, it is best for each believer to prayerfully determine what things they will eat or not eat. The Bible does not give us details but rather says Daniel refrained from the King’s rich food, and ate vegetables and water.
Below we have some suggestions for your consideration. If you do choose to take part in the Daniel Fast and have medical issues, please check with your doctor first.

Suggested Daniel Fast Foods:

Whole Grains: Brown Rice, Oats, Barley
Legumes: Dried Beans, Pinto Beans, Split Peas, Lentils, Black Eyed Peas
All Fresh Fruits
All Fresh Vegetables
Seeds, Nuts, Sprouts
Liquids: Water, 100% All-Natural Fruit Juices,100% All Natural Vegetable Juices.
Suggested Foods to Avoid: Meat, Fried Foods, Caffeine, Carbonated Beverages, Foods Containing Preservatives or Additives, Refined Sugar, Sugar Substitutes, White Flour and all products using it, Margarine, Shortening, and High Fat Products.