Saturday, March 24, 2007

Philippians 1:3 - Create custom images Around 9:30 this morning, a friend and I met for coffee. Sitting in the small Starbucks, we chatted about writing, agents, editors, blogs and websites, and our works in progress. Too soon, and before we realized it, it was almost 2:00. I've decided Christa is probably the best diet I can go on because my stomach didn't growl one time. I wasn't hungry and I know why. We feasted on friendship and encouragement and our common goals. I felt full and very satisfied. That feeling will be with me when I face the blank pages of Chapter 6, and during my next brainstorming session as I wrestle with plausibility, and especially during my next critique meeting where I come away thinking I can't do anything right.

A white chocolate mocha and a writing friend--it doesn't get much better than that. :)

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Christa said...

I am so very flattered! Thanks...and I agree about the best diet factor! Hey, we may be onto something here!