Friday, March 23, 2007

Better than Chocolate!

Today I received a letter from the Chicken Soup people, a Permission Release Agreement and the Final Reader's Manual for Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lovers Soul. With all this, they say it's not definite my story will be in the book. All these pages are just in case. The way I understand it, this Manual will go out to a bunch of readers and they'll vote on the stories they want included in the book. Wow! That's scary. Guess I'll find out just how 'entertaining' I am. :)Regardless of whether they publish it or not, it's exciting to see my story in the Final Reader's Manual, and my name and title in the index. This could be the closest I ever come to being in a Chicken Soup book. At least I know the procedure now. I'm the type of person who likes details so now they've given me details. Next time I write something for a Chicken Soup book, I can visualize what's happening on their end. Yep, that's what I do best. Visualize.
Oh, silly me! :)

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