Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have AlphaSmart - Will Travel

Daughter is on Spring Break from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary so we're heading to NE Texas to visit with family. I'm glad AlphaSmart is so durable; I wag it everywhere.

Years ago someone told me to think of each chapter of a novel as a short story and I wouldn't be so intimidated by the thought of writing a novel. I remembered that piece of advice at 6:30 this Sunday morning, as if God was prodding me on -- "You can do this, Jess. Remember how you wrote your first novel? One little chapter/story/chunk at a time."

I'm sure He must get tired of having to encourage me on a regular basis. He probably sees me as the most 'needy' of all his wannabe creative humans. :)

I'm glad He reminded me of this little mental trick with chapters. For the past couple of days I've been telling myself how much more fun writing short pieces can be. I'm sure it's that instant gratification thingie...and the encouragement from the Chicken Soup people.

Thanks Lord, for getting me back on track.

So, I'm off.
Praise, Prayers and Observations -- on pause until further notice.


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Traveling mercies on your trip. Alphasmart chapter blessings, too.