Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Daughter left for New Orleans. Because we visited family and were on the road a lot, Spring Break went by in a flash. It never seems long enough. When she leaves after being here for awhile, it's almost like going through empty nest syndrome all over again. It takes me a day or two to get back into my own rhythm.

So. . . my rhythm today was to brainstorm with a friend and then write my own pages. Sometimes it's startling to realize just how difficult writing--creating-- is. I did some editing and fleshing out to get back into my story, then I wrote three pages. Three new pages is considered a lot but it doesn't seem like a lot when I look at how much is left to write. Sometimes I think if I'd quit looking for that light at the end of the tunnel I might move a little faster.

Of course, I need to quit finding interesting websites too.
This evening I found a guy on You-Tube who's reading his rejection slips from agents aloud on video. Every now and then he gets a request for a hundred pages or the first three chapters. I like his excitement when he gets a request. I followed all the little rabbit trails to check him out and he has a blog with pictures of himself with some very interesting authors. Edward Albee for one. Check him out at I'm impressed and fascinated by authors, like this one, who can promote themselves to this extent. I can't imagine why Stacey Cochran isn't published. Could he be a horrible writer? I'm feeling concerned for him. It appears that he's self-pubbed his book using and we know what some editors and agents think of self-pubbed authors. I've emailed Mr. Stacey Cochran and asked some questions. I hope he's a nice guy and doesn't bark at me.

On the subject of websites and self-promoting, I have an idea for mine, but I vacillate between wanting one and not wanting one. Do I really need one at this point? Why? I tell myself I'll wait until I finish my book. If I do complete it, and it finds a home with Love Inspired, then I'll create a website. However, I find myself anxious to jump on that website bandwagon. Just another way of wasting time, I think.

I've recently finished a course offered by Writers University called Introverts and Extroverts--Developing Your Writing Presence Now: Creating a Career Plan Built On Your Strengths. The course was taught by Gwen Shuster-Haynes and has to be the very best I've EVER taken. We had more than 80 people in class and the instructor responded to each and every one who posted their assignments, asked questions, or made comments. I have hundreds of pages of lecture and notes. A phenomenal instructor and course. In fact, this is the kind of course one could take again and again because the student response will always be different so there'll always be new things to learn. I wouldn't hesitate to take this course again.

Well... for someone who's trying to get back into the rhythm of writing and blogging, I'd say I've accomplished just that. :) What say you? Too wordy?

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