Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ignorance IS Bliss

I can't believe I didn't know anything about the tornados that hit New Orleans until 6:00 this afternoon when my daughter called me to ask why I hadn't called to check on her. I have a great excuse. I live in my very own little bubble. And it's soundproof.

I don't normally turn on the TV during the day. However, I do remember looking at my watch at 12:30 and noting that I'd missed the news. Totally unaffected by it, I sat right down at my computer and surfed. Later, I went to the post office and WalMart. I listened to American Family Radio and they didn't mention tornados in New Orleans. I marveled at the beauty of the day and even parked my car wayyyyyy across the parking lot so I could get some badly needed exercise. My checker at WalMart didn't mention tornados. We chatted about all the activity in the store and why it seemed busy like a Saturday instead of a Tuesday.

Looking back at my actions, I can't help thinking about how turkeys look up when it rains, and drown. I don't know if that's true, but I sure did my share of looking up today. When I got back home, my television was out of order. That's when daughter called, upset by my lack of concern. In all her 23 years, she hasn't yet picked up on just how slow her mother is.

But how about another thought:

He will shield you with his wings. He will shelter you with his feathers. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91.4

The Lord is peace. Judges 6:24

Yeah, I like that so much better. I'm looking up all right. But I ain't no turkey. :)

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Christa said...

You are SO punished for holding out on me! When can I have permission to add you to my blogroll???