Monday, February 12, 2007

Hide and Seek, Seek, Seek

Seems like I'm always searching for things. It's an inherited trait. My dad spent most of his time looking for things he'd lost, objects he'd put away for safe keeping, tears of paper he took out of his shirt pocket, and laid on the counter, only for my mom to pick up and trash, or stick in a drawer. He was a weather watcher too--another little something I picked up from Dad. He had a nightly routine: Right before bedtime, he'd go outside, walk around the yard, look at the sky and just feel the weather. Every single night. I'd like to think he was having his quiet time. That he and God were doing a little visitin' back and forth. Now that I think back, that time out in the yard, alone, was probably the only quiet time my dad ever had. He killed mosquitoes too--another part of his nightly routine. He'd roam through the house with the fly swatter and kill every 'skeeter he saw. Wonder how and why one develops those kind of rituals? I really miss those things about my dad. I'm the Mosquito Nazi in this family. I don't roam around outside after dark watching the weather--and I have my quiet time in the mornings--but I do zap mosquitos. Viciously, I might add.

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Hubby is in Scotland so I mailed him a package: an anniversary card, a valentine's card, his Running Times that has a 10-day training program in it, the latest Evangel and World Challenge newsletter, and a copy of the "stationary" I made with our pictures on it. Nothing fancy. I just needed something to mail to our sponsored children to show them what we look like. Wrote them funny notes to make them smile. Jaslyn, Jose and Eunice. I wonder what they'll think of us. Eunice is getting old enough to leave the program soon. I wonder what will happen to her then.

We're winding up our study of Java with the Judges by Sandra Glahn. It was good. In week 3, she wrote: "So often we focus on what job to take or whom to marry or where to live, when the Bible says, This is the will of God--your sanctification (1 Thess. 4:3). Where I am ranks as less important to God than who I am wherever I go. My choice of a spouse, while important, is still less important than the character I have as a wife. The company for which I work is less important than what kind of employee I am, regardless of where I work." So, I feel like it's not important whether my book sells or not. What's important is that I write it. Maybe my writing the book is simply a lesson in obedience, self-discipline, perseverance.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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San said...

This blessed me this morning. Thanks. :)