Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Meandering Along, Just Singing My Song

I promised myself last year that I would not get involved with American Idol ever again. But I have. I can't resist. I've already sobbed with those who didn't make it, and now I have to go through the entire 24 contestants. Talk about emotionally draining. If it affects me in such a way, how must it affect those precious contestants? Last year I found myself voting over and over again for my favorite singer. I hate that! I hate being able to vote more than once. It just doesn't seem fair. But for all my votes, sweet Paris Bennett didn't win. I wonder what she's doing. Sometimes I scan the CD titles in WalMart or Target just to see if she's there. Haven't found anything, but maybe I should get serious about tracking her down. Check this out:

Today was a good writing day. I put on my CD from the Thinking Music series and I do believe it works. I sat down and started writing. I've always been way too impressionable. Just the name--Thinking Music series--is enough to make me feel creative. I should walk around with my head phones on -- maybe the Thinking Music would help me clean my house. I've never failed to write when I listen to Concentration, Maximize Your Productivity. The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble in association with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. I think they should have this music playing in every school in Louisiana. They could do it for one year and be able to determine if it made a difference. Of course, parents would holler that their kids were being brainwashed or something. That's how we parents are. :)

Since this is a rambling kind of post for me--no real point to be made--here's a thought to ponder:

For God is closely watching you, and he weighs carefully everything you do. ~Proverbs 5:21

When I was growing up, I was told that actions speak louder than words. Looks like it's true.


Marko said...

Paris is releasing an album labeled Princess P. (after her nickname) this spring. Her first single Ordinary Love is playing in the radio and rising on charts. Yesterday she gave a gig in New York. If you were on American Idol boards, I recommend returning, theres more news about her.

Check also her official MySpace music profile !

Christa said...

Hey--I want to try the music--especially for my 7th hour!