Wednesday, April 22, 2015

T is for Terra Cotta

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I love terra-cotta...terra-cotta everything: the color, the flower pots, and anything else terra-cotta might describe. So it wasn't too odd that I'd want a terra-cotta room. I just didn't know what shade of terra-cotta. I kept going back to the cover of this magazine but wondered if it would be too much.

If there's one thing Mr. Contractor did right it was to show me a room that had been painted terra-cotta, and I loved it. So here's my dining room.

When we started our renovation, we got rid of a lot of furniture. We had planned to buy a new dining room table, but after looking and pricing, I couldn't find anything I like. Thankfully, I still have my dining room table and plan to chalk paint it. Any suggestions on color? Below you'll see a picture of the rug I purchased so please visualize a color that will be neutral enough for the rug and the walls ... but still pop.

And then Mr. Contractor told me that I need to have at least one thing in the living room that was terra-cotta, just to sort of carry over and tie the rooms together. Right or wrong, I walked into Home Furniture and fell in love. Believe me when I say, it called my name. Doesn't it look beautiful just sitting there in the middle of all those drab colors? What'cha think?

We're still buying furniture. I need a couple of chairs for the living area, dining room chairs for the table I plan to paint and I'm going to paint a huge coffee table too. Wish me luck!


jaybird said...

Terra cotta is such a warm wonderful color. Great choice!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Terra cotta is a great word. Now I just have to figure out exactly what it means. :)

Angie said...

I have a terra cotta dining room, too! And yes, I like the couch.