Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for Shower

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Today is S day and S is for shower.

Mr. Contractor was a force to be reckoned with in our bathrooms. To recap: He busted the toilet and used gorilla glue to repair. He tightened the faucets so tight that he stripped them and they leaked. And ... and... he took it upon himself to raise my shower head about a foot. What possessed him?

I didn't call his hand on it until he started work on the second bathroom. Remember, I'm not a confrontational person so all I said was, "Don't raise the shower head. I like it where it is." He proudly stated--yes, proudly: "I raised the one in the master."

I said: "I know, and really, I don't like washing my hair every time I take a shower."

Mr. Contractor, laughing. "You're just like my wife."

What did that mean?

If you're getting your shower retiled or updated, and you don't want the shower head raised, you'd better be smart and say so.


Val said...

I'm outraged. You tell him to put it back. My husband is a contractor. He is working for you!!!!! He broke your stuff. Make him pay and fix the leaky faucets. Unless of course, he is doing the work gratis. Then you are stuck.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Good grief. The things you don't think you'll have to mention!
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Charles Gramlich said...

I could go for some shower raising

jaybird said...

I desperately want to redo the bathrooms in my house! They are all WAY outdated and need major repairs.

emilia.m said...

the more I read the more I think.. good grief, what else can go wrong... :)

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Val - thanks for the outrage. Not a gratis job. He made quite a chunk off us.

Mary - You're so right!

Charles - I wonder if all you men like high showers.

jaybird - good luck!

emilia.m - thank God it's over for us!