Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zing

Today is the last day of the A to Z Challenge. This year's challenge was really laced with ZING! Zing means a lively, zestful quality; zest, vigor, animation, force, vitality, etc.  Every blogsite I visited had zing.

When I read the definition, I wondered about other things in my life that have ZING so I made a list and thought I'd share with you.

My marriage, my daughter and--believe it or not, after delving into my so-called memoirs, my family.

Sometimes, my cooking--even when it falls flat!

My driving--especially when I'm thinking about writing--just ask my husband.

My pastor, my SS teacher ... wait, my entire church!

My dreams have zing. Just ask my husband!

When we went home this past weekend, I noticed my cactus flower was blooming. Definitely some Zing!

I conclude ... I'm surrounded by ZING!

Now that A to Z Challenge is over, I hope to concentrate on putting more ZING into my writing. More description, visual setting, stronger conflict and characterization ... and ACTIVE verbs.

What have you learned from A to Z -- as a participant or as a reader? Share. How can we put more ZING in our writing and in our lives?


Man O' Clay said...

Well, the A-Z Challenge certainly provided zing in my life. I'll continue writing and reading, especially with my crazy boys!

thelmaz said...

Just wanted to let you know I've listed my 26 favorite blogs from the Challenge, including yours. Stop by www.widowsphere.blogspot.com and see.

Jan Newman said...

I was at BAM this weekend and thought about you! Didn't see you, though. I must've "intuited" that you were in town. I loved this challenge and your posts. Zing is a good word.

Diana said...

the A to Z was fun & I'm happy to have met you here, the cute little girl must be your daughter, love the photo!

Charles Gramlich said...

good to have Zing. I think maybe I have a little bit around me as well!

C. Kirk said...

A to Z helped me get back into the habit of writing and I love reading all the participating blogs. I now know why there are blogging jobs...it's hard work and dedication! But it's so fun and rewarding. The best way to put more zing in our lives is to surround ourselves with it (just as you said).

Chontali Kirk