Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yukon

Last year for the A to Z Challenge, Y stood for Yukon, Oklahoma. I blogged about the little town and I'll take the opportunity to blog about it again. After all, we've lived here a year now.

Yukon has been a great place for us. It's small. We can be anywhere in five or ten minutes. We can see Oklahoma City from our apartment complex. I posted last year that Dale Robertson lived here when in fact, he didn't. He did once. Maybe his family still owns land here--I don't know. Our senior citizen center is named after him and his picture is in our library. A few weeks ago, Dale passed away in California. I've spent a year hoping to spot him in grocery stores, coffee shops, libraries when all the time he's been in California.

 I remember watching Wells Fargo with my dad. Rest in peace, Dale.

I drive up and down Garth Brooks Blvd to shop at Hastings, Target and WalMart and go to Jimmy's Egg. On Tuesdays, I drive into Mustang (about five minutes away) and meet a friend at the library. We write from 9 am to 2 pm. We take our lunch and sit in the foyer at a table to eat and visit. I wrote my novella at the Mustang Library. I just received the galleys to proof; you can see my cover at the right. The Mustang Library has great writing vibes.

We attend a wonderful church in Yukon. Discovery Church is the friendliest I've ever attended. Love and laughter oozes from its members. We visited two other churches before we settled there. Sad that one has to shop around for a church--a good fit. Discovery is the only church I've ever attended that I felt people truly liked and cared about us--and not just on Sunday. If I ended up in the hospital, I know without a doubt, people would be praying for me and coming to see me. I've never had the comfort of that thought.

Yukon will be a sweet memory when we move back to Louisiana in June. While we're looking forward to being near our daughter again, being in our home instead of an apartment, Louisiana will be like starting over--searching for a church, getting used to the oppressive weather, settling in ... trying to fit in--once again.

We've moved a number of times in our married life. Yukon became home fast, and we'll miss it.

How often have you moved in your life? Any place you'd like to go back to or regret leaving? How do places you've lived play into your writing?

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Sue McPeak said...

I too remember Dale Robertson. He reminded me of my Cowboy Dad with his dark good looks and black stetson. I noted his passing a few weeks ago, and was hoping some of his movies would be featured on one of the movie channels. Yes, Rest in Peace, Dale.

Yukon sounds like an 'Ideal' place and having that comfort of knowing you are cared about will make it easy to go back some day.

I'll be watching for the announcement of your book. Your cover is very appealing and your title is intriquing. I'm a First Daughter, so it will be fun to read about the Last Daughter.

To answer your questions about moving...YES and Yes and Absolutely!!!

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