Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wise Words from Jane Friedman

Oh, the down-down days of summer. Too hot for much of anything. And to top off the oppressive heat, I fell leaving the church a week ago Sunday and twisted my right ankle. When my daughter was born, I was in labor for three hours so the pain definitely didn't last this long! I hate pain. I also hate being unable to focus. X-rays proved nothing was broken but the constant ache/throb has me shifting/twitching/wiggling, searching for comfort. I'm not even able to enjoy my web surfing.  Ah, well ... this too, shall pass. Hurry, hurry, pass already!

A few weeks ago, I popped onto twitter and found one of my writer heros about to give an interview on the radio. Ya'll probably know her: Jane Friedman. She has a terrific blog, however, she's turned it over to Porter Anderson while she concentrates on a new project.  Now Jane is web editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Anyway, I tuned in to Jane on the radio. Yep, I took notes!

Jane said if we're using emedia as entrepreneurs we need to know our audience, the people who will buy our books or our products. We need to know what social media sites we're comfortable using. She said: There's a triangle at work here: Reader & their tools, Self & what you prefer, the work itself & what compliments that work. Think about all points of that triangle, and satisfy each point. Where is the sweet spot? This entails market research on the part of the author. If you don't enjoy it, you won't continue to do it. Consistency is necessary -- every day-- because things tend to snowball. Small actions every day add up. Consistency translates into a growing audience.

Jane also said if there's one quality we need to instill in ourselves, it's patience because success takes time. Small actions every day during a long period of time is what will get us where we want to be.

She also gave a few tips on blogging among other things and after the interview, I tweeted 'well done' and told her I needed to take a hard look at my blog. Here's what she said:

Jane Friedman@JaneFriedman

@jessyferguson Thanks for listening! As far as your blog, perhaps it just needs to be strengthened & taken to the next level. ;-)

So my question is: how do I strengthen and take it to the next level? Any suggestions?


Jane Friedman said...

Step 1: Make your name clear at the top of the blog. ;)
Step 2: Come up with a title and/or tagline that are uniquely yours (that would make sense for no one else to claim)

Good luck. ;)

P.S. Also, while Porter is an essential columnist for me, I believe about 6-7 of the last 10 posts were by me. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, hadn't really considered that triangle concept. Makes good sense.

Angie said...

I don't know about stengthening your blog -- I need to do that, too. but sorry about your leg! Hope it feels better soon.