Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for . . .

Pollster Frank Luntz has been testing TV ads with various focus groups around the country. Last night he reported their feedback: “What was so frustrating here is that these people in Washington are behaving, in their words, they’re behaving like pigs when we’re trying desperately to pay our bills and to do the right thing … The anger, the agitation is real.”

I wonder if there has ever been a politician who didn't lie--one who didn't act like a pig at a trough?

by Jess

Wind carries odors

Faint smells that wrap around life

Choking truth and joy


Tara Tyler said...

its so frustrating!
but there are so few selfless people period.

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Jess, you are so right on--write on!
May I put this on my political blog, The Last Ditch? Please, pretty please?

Brianna said...

Great 'P' post!

James R Tate said...

I think some of them actually go to Washington with good intentions, then succumb to the BS surrounding the Oval Office. You have to disinfect the whole house to get rid of the rodents!

Grammy said...

Hi, They're all just big "Boss Hawgs" Can't trust any of 'em as far as ya can throw 'em.
Best regards to you. Good post. Ruby aka Grammy