Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Very Cool, Spirit-Filled Church

Little more than a year ago, we left a traditional Southern Baptist church for something completely different--Water's Edge Gathering, a church that doesn't claim to be perfect, doesn't follow tradition, stays out of politics and has a heart for God, people and the city. Hearing sermons from a creative young pastor has been an interesting, eye-opening experience.

I was raised Southern Baptist--and no, not the kind of Baptist that pickets funerals and screams hate messages.

I was raised to believe in the importance of tradition--that we dress up for church and always have a new Easter outfit, that altar calls are a must and visitors always fill out cards with name, address, phone number. As much as we've moved around, we know the difficulty in finding a good church that truly preaches and teaches from the Bible, and we dread having to start the process again when we move to Mississippi. We know from experience that if we fill out a visitor's card, we can expect no less than three visits from various members of the church we visited. Now, there's nothing wrong with tradition but often, we tend to make things like that sacred--along with the church building, the music, all our traditions. They aren't sacred. The only thing that's sacred is the Bible and the message.

Check out our church HERE. You can see a pic of our hot (loud) band and if you click HERE you can listen to Tony's latest sermon or just look over to the right and click on one of my favorites. If you want to hear more than one, go to podcasts. I promise, any sermon you choose during any given month is excellent. We've not heard one bad, questionable, iffy sermon. We visited Water's Edge Gathering out of curiosity, and knew immediately we were exactly where God wanted us.

Today we opened our church service with Dream On, an Aerosmith song. I'll bet we're the only church in the country that opened its service with an Aerosmith song. How cool is that?

I hope you had a blessed Sunday too!


Charles Gramlich said...

There are many churches who get on about the business of trying to help people find and know God. Unfortunately, idiots like the Westboro bunch get all the news. I'm glad you have found a good un.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Sounds like a wonderful church, Jess.

Sylvia Ney said...

I've always liked that song, but I never thought of using it at church. Sounds like a great place.