Monday, December 6, 2010

Rejection, etc.

Several weeks ago I submitted a short short (micro-fiction) to Shock Totem, curious tales of the macabre and twisted. As expected, I got a rejection. My piece wasn't really horror and only a little twisted. :)

I've enjoyed sending out my short works--even receiving rejections. Makes me feel I'm accomplishing something even if I'm not. The whole point right now is to just write and accumulate.

E-submitting feels odd. There's such a fast turn-around. I mean, anything under six months is fast to me. I'm used to editors keeping novels for almost a year. A couple I've never heard from. Totally unacceptable but they do it anyway. :) It's interesting how so many ezines require submission through their website. Shock Totem has a 'submission manager' where you sign in, submit, can even go back a week later and withdraw. I'm not used to that but I like it.

Shock Totem guidelines are on their website. Note: they're closed until February. That seems like a long time, doesn't it?

On another note, I got a great surprise the other day. A couple of people suggested I go to Kinkos and ask about OCR scanning, putting my novel into an RTF file. The good news is ... I checked my own printer/copier/scanner and I can do that myself. I experimented and it works. Only thing is--it's incredibly boring and tedious work. Okay...not complaining here. It's certainly cheaper than hiring it done. I know two other authors who don't have their original manuscript files so maybe I'll open up a boring, tedious little side business. Just kidding!

What I'm doing today: I'm writing, reading, sipping a little egg nog (without the kick) and thinking about Christmas shopping, decorating the house and scanning my book. Maybe I'll call Kinkos just to inquire how much and how fast.

What are YOU doing this week?

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Charles Gramlich said...

Yep, the e sub process is often much faster. And sometimes it can be brutal. You send something out with high hopes and get a rejection an hour later! It would have been easier on the old writing heart to hear back in a month instead. but all in all it really is cheaper and more efficient.