Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Life This Week

This week has gone by in a flash. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If I’d known I would live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” I’ll amend that by saying: “If I’d known the years would fly faster in old age, I’d have chased my dreams in my youth instead of playing so hard.”

Things I’ve accomplished this week:

1) Drove to Beaumont to attend the Golden Triangle Writer’s Guild meeting. Author Wendy Lanier spoke to the guild on Writing for Hire. Wendy, her husband and daughter, and writer Kathy Haskins and I went out to eat and tried to solve the world’s writing problems. It’s always fun to hang with new writer friends. Kathy won first place in the 5th annual Warren Adler short story contest so her work will be published in an anthology. Wendy has been added to the BWG Conference staff.

2) I’m reading Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg. Love it. Quirky main character and quite different from the very graphic thriller writer I’ve been reading. Nice change for me.

3) Home Safe inspired me to begin a short story. Inspired meaning. . . I put the book down, grabbed my computer and wrote for about two hours straight. I haven’t finished it yet because I have two possible endings in mind. They both seem too predictable to me so I’m not sure which way to go with it. I’m not a short story writer; never been successful at it so we’ll see. (That sentence seems very misleading. What have I been successful at? Don't answer! Don't answer!)

4) On another note, I have a flash fiction piece that finaled in a contest. According to the congratulatory note, I "beat out" (their words-not mine) 200 other entries which means I’m in the top 100. Well, I don’t hold out much hope there but it’s a thrill, nevertheless. And it’s a first for me. I repeat: I’m not a short story writer.

5) I’m involved in another project that I can’t mention right now, but next week I’ll be able to discuss it. I’ll either be singing praises or ranting.

That’s it for me. What have you been doing this week? Any good news you want to share? Any short story advice? How about … just a hello?

For fun:

If winning isn't important, why do we spend all that money on scoreboards?" ~Chuck Coonradt

"If winning isn't important, why keep score?" from Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Ever notice that people never say "It's only a game" when they're winning?" ~Ivern Ball


Peggy Clemenr said...

What a productive woman you were this week! I enjoyed seeing you Tuesday night. Take care!!
Oh, and by the way, good luck with your short story and you have peaked my interest on your project! I'll have to stay tuned!

Peggy Clement said...

That last comment was from me. I thought I could type my last name corectly! Guess I was wrong!

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

We miss you Thursday mornings. Come back soon. I'm up next week and will send something out soon.

Jess said...

thanks for popping in.

Peggy...why isn't your name highlighted so I can just click on it and go to your blog?

Angie...why did you text me about advances. Did you get one?

eywade said...

I just love following your blog, but keep missing the updates. Where's the 'get updates by email' option? Lol.

Well, I'm right behind you on twitter now.

Jess said...

Hi Nancy! is there a 'get updates' option? I'm doing well to have pulled this blog together and keep it going. Knowing me the way I do... :).... I probably thought giving people the option of updates would seem sort of ...mmmmm, presumptious. I figure if someone pops in on their own to check on me, then that means they REALLY love me. :)

Hope you and your girls are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! It was really great meeting you. I spoke briefly with Kathy about coming to your group's meeting next month and I'm looking forward to it. Warmly,

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Hello! :-) I am happy to have found your blog! :) Its very cozy and your very interesting!

Jess said...

Hi InstinctiveMom, I hope you can make the meeting. The Louisiana poet laureate is speaking to us and afterwards, around 12, we all head over to Picadilly to eat lunch. There's a festival that afternoon if you want to bring the family with you. :) Email me if you want details and I'll send you a complimentary newsletter too.

Hey Libby! you said you had a boring blog but NOT! I drifted over to your place via the old geezers blog and you're certainly more exciting than I am. Thanks for following me. :)

It always makes my day to get a new follower or just read a positive comment.
Thanks everyone!

Charles Gramlich said...

Luck in that contest. Getting into the finals is very good.

Jess said...

Thanks Charles. I'm thrilled to be a finalist. It's a FIRST for me with a short story. Those things are hard to write! :)

Lauren said...

Congratulations, Jess, on placed in that short story contest! Beating out 200 others - sounds like maybe you should do more short story writing! :) Good luck as you wait to hear the winner announced - and in the meantime, revel in being a finalist!
Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kind and encouraging words made my night!

Carole said...

Your quotes make me happy. Especially when you use a Star Trek quote. That is the icing on the cake.

Sounds like things are popping in your writing life. I am just catching up from vacation. Got the bills paid, seen one set of grandkids and my desk at work is more or less clear. I will hopefully get caught up on work today.