Friday, July 9, 2010

Louisiana Saturday Night Revisited

I haven't taken the time to track down another Louisiana author to interview so I thought I'd list interviews from the past couple of years. There are short story writers, romance writers, mystery and scifi writers. There are self-pubbed authors, traditional and small press. Some good interviews and some not so good. A little bit of everything. There's even a 9-year old author. Well, I suppose she's around 11 now. I'm posting the links in case you see a name you recognize.

Also, if you live and breathe and write in Louisiana and I haven't interviewed you, email me. I'll be happy to shoot you some questions. If you have the questions (I could name names) and never returned them, just send them back to me and all is forgiven. :-) Don't be shy. Self-promotion is a must in this business. I want to let readers know you're alive and well, and writing in Louisiana.

In the meantime, check out these Louisiana writers:

Shonell Bacon - Yikes! Since this interview, Shonell has moved to West Texas. :)

Chere Coen - Author, columnist, freelance writer.

Barbara Colley - Cozy mystery and Romance writer.

Neil Connelly - Louisiana is losing this great writer.

Connie Cox - Teaches, edits and does web design.

Ro Foley - One of my best friends. I sat up all night reading her manuscript.

J.Bruce Fuller - Poet.

D. B. Grady - Sci-fi, fantasy, Atlantic columnist

Charles Gramlich - Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, NF author

Winnie Griggs - Historical romance

Curt Iles - A lover of stories, nature, history, and dogs, he writes of the wonders of the woods and the memorable people who live there.

Doris Jean Shaw - Romance

June Shaw - Mystery Writer

Erica Spindler - Mystery writer

Pamela Thibodeaux - Romance Writer

John Mayeux - History of his tribe

Jan Rider Newman - Novelist, short story writer and poet. Since my interview with Jan, she's started blogging: Check her out.

Alyssa Paul - This is the young writer.

Lenora Worth - Romance Writer.


Carole said...

I checked out several sites. You do an excellent job of interviewing.

eywade said...

Hi. Superb and busy as ever.