Thursday, February 11, 2010

Booksignings and Fun

I've been out of town. A writer-friend spoke to the Golden Triangle Writer's Guild in Beaumont, and held a booksigning for her first book. I couldn't miss it. Years ago (many years ago) I read Jane McBride's novel about searching for and finding her father. If memory serves me, we were briefly in a crit group together. I thought Jane's book was wonderful and was very disappointed when she didn't pursue marketing the book. I've thought of it often over the years. I guess Jane got sidetracked writing for The Beaumont Enterprise, and of course, that was a good thing. Otherwise, we would not be reading this wonderful compilation of her newspaper columns.

To me, the first 20 pages of Grace. Gratitide & Generosity are priceless. I loved reading the foreward written by her son and daughter. Obviously Jane's kiddos inherited her humor and her way with words. But can you imagine being the child (or spouse, for that matter) of a newspaper columnist? Yeah, I never thought of that either!

So meet Jane--journalist, columnist, author, master gardener--yes, you read right. This lady does it all, and has fun doing it. Follow the links to learn more about her, to read her blog on gardening and to order her book.

When Jane McBride's column first appeared in The Beaumont Enterprise on Father's Day, 1992, it was called Just Plain Jane. Through the years, family, friends and fans learned that Jane's words were neither plain nor just anything. From her Arkansas childhood with her beloved grandmother to her role as wife, mother and grandmother, Jane's weekly column captured ordinary moments in extraordinary ways, allowing readers to view their own lives through honest and heartfelt words on the pages of their newspaper. These essays, taken from more than 17 years of newspaper archives, explore stories of love, life and loss in her personal quest to live a life of grace, gratitude and generosity, not in spite of her experiences, but because of them. Through the years, the column s popularity resulted in many inquiries, always the same: When are you going to publish a book of favorites? This collection fulfills those requests. Some of the columns will make the reader laugh others might bring tears--but one thing is certain--Jane's words are sure to make a difference in the life of everyone who takes the time to follow her journey.

Order it HERE


Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Thanks for sharing this little piece of "home" with me, Jess. I always enjoyed Jane's column, as well!

PS-my dad edited/published a newspaper throughout most of my life. I think it was more fun for his children than his wife!! ha ha

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