Sunday, October 25, 2009

Golden Triangle Writers Guild Conference - Recap

I had so much fun at the GTWG conference this past weekend. One major goal in my life has been achieved--being a GTWG conference speaker. There's something about being a part of this particular conference that makes one feel they aren't a fake, they can truly call themselves a writer. I'm very honored to have been part of this writers' reunion.

The Golden Triangle Writers Guild conference was a great success. In a conference this size--with four and five simultaneous speakers, there are always a few glitches, but over all, I have absolutely no complaints. I saw my best pals, Kent Conwell and Rogayle Franklin. Kent has written over 50 books--westerns and mysteries, and Rogayle is a freelancer, novelist and travel writer. She just signed a contract for yet another coffee table book. When I lived in Beaumont, we three (and another friend) met weekly to critique each other. I miss those days.

This is my friend, DJ Resnick. DJ has been over the GTWG since the beginning. He loves it, lives it, breathes it. He's battled hurricanes to keep GTWG alive; this conference proves to many that he's winning.

Here we have the infamous Robert Vaughan.I believe I've been coming to GTWG conferences for as long as Mr. Vaughan has but I've never actually met him. I find him just a tad intimidating. If you get a chance to hear this man speak, grab it. He's brilliant! Check THIS.

Here are speakers from my favorite seminars: Linda George spoke on Strong Writing and Plotting. These two sessions alone were worth the conference fee. Linda is an excellent speaker and her knowledge of good writing surpasses many who have best sellers on the NYT list. Publisher/editor Phillip Martin of Crickhollow Books was another worthwhile session. I heard one multipublished author say his session was the best at the conference. Phil's poetic delivery and soft voice had us holding our breath so we wouldn't miss one word he uttered. Check him out HERE and while you're there, take time to order Linda George's book on plotting. If you're looking for good speakers for your conference, consider Linda and/or Phil. I guarantee them both. Your attendees won't be disappointed.

I came home to company, dirty clothes, writing assignments. No time for post-conference syndrome--that time when I want to--no, NEED to decompress and think about all I learned. One can't come away from a conference without new ideas and goals.

More tomorrow.


Erica Vetsch said...

Welcome home! I'm behind on my blog reading and commenting! Argh!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Jake Chambers said... to think of all the information that was to be gleaned from a gathering of the writing neighborhood.....reckon i am gonna have to get busy and find the time to make the local meetings at B&N on tuesdays... but then, i have always been a slow starter of sorts....glad you had a great time and are regenerated to a point. go get busier... jake

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Everything turned out more than I could have imagined. I learned, I met new and old friends, and I am grateful to have had you to spur me on. I see this will become a regular meet and greet place. I am going for the book manuscript next year.