Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturdays with Stella by Allison Pitman

I'm not really a dog person. I loved them when I was younger and remember the names of all my pup pets--Ricky, Freckles, Hissy and Sissy, Doogan, Blue, Rigger--but in recent years I've been nipped and growled at way too often. However, who can resist Stella? Just look at that sweet face!

For you early Christmas shoppers, Saturdays with Stella is the perfect gift for any dog-loving reader who loves the Lord. Oh, how I wish I had a hundred copies to give away right here. This sweet little book is nothing less than a beautiful message to us all. I found myself wanting to sit at the feet of author Allison Pittman and ask, "Did Jesus give you that analogy? Did you feel God smiling when you wrote that chapter?" I identified with Stella and her insecurity more than I want to admit, --Wait! No, not the piddlin' part--and I thank Allison for reminding me just how wonderfully precious I am to my Master.

Summary of Saturdays with Stella:

Sometimes your best four-legged friend is also your best teacher

When you bring a new dog into your home, a wash of great joy can become a trial of perseverance as your furry pal chews, digs, yaps, and yes, piddles her way through every room in the house. Allison Pittman learned this all too well when she adopted a “tiny, shiny puppy of indefinable breed(s).” Stella wasted no time in turning her home upside-down as only a pup can.

As could be expected, six weeks of obedience school covered the much needed basics–sit, stay, come, and down. What Allison didn’t expect was the spiritual benefit she would receive as each Saturday lesson revealed a fascinating metaphor. In this heart-warming, thoughtful, and often hilarious tribute to her beloved Stella, Allison Pittman shares how she came to understand what it means to follow the ultimate Master, including how to:

Sit!–at the feet of Jesus and listen for His voice
Drop It!–and let go of personal agendas
Come!–when it’s time to run in the right direction
Stay!–in God’s presence

In Saturdays with Stella, a slightly neurotic yet curiously adorable canine will not only capture your heart–she’ll show you how captivating you are to God.

Author Bio:
Allison Pittman is the author of the three books in the popular Crossroads of Grace series. Before her life as a novelist, Allison spent sixteen years teaching high school English. A founding member and co-president of the Christian Writer’s Group of the Greater San Antonio area, she devotes her time inspiring other writers to work toward their goals and sharpen their skills. Allison lives in Universal City, Texas with her husband Mike, their three sons, and Stella.

Reviewer's Note:
I have two copies of Saturdays with Stella. I promise this book will bless your socks off. Leave a message telling me about the pets from your childhood (and how to get in touch with you) and at the end of the week, I'll draw two winners. BUT, if you don't win... go here to order a copy of Saturdays with Stella. You won't regret it. In fact, bet you can't order just one. :) This book begs to be shared.


Anonymous said...

The book sounds like a canine world of fun!

When I was . . . eight, I think, a neighbor was giving away the cutest little Beagle I'd ever seen in all my life. I wanted him like I'd never wanted anything else. Already had a name picked out for him. A name which I no longer remember because I didn't get to use it on the dog.

While I was busy asking Mrs. Beal if I could have the Beagle, my brother ran home and asked the one whose answer mattered most: Mom.

Didn't dawn on me to do that.

My beautiful Beagle became my brother's beautiful Beagle. Didn't matter, though. Skipper was in our backyard and ready to play whenever I was out there, which was most of the time.

Taught me a lesson, though. When petitioning for something dear to your heart, make sure you ask the right One!

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

Sounds like a gal after my own heart!!

Amazing what our pets can teach us, eh?