Friday, July 25, 2008

Writing for Teen Magazines - Interested?

I've been teaching a nonfiction writing class for Lamar University for a few years now. It's fun. I had the honor of pulling together instructors for The Professional Writer's Center, better known as their Write Site and drawing up their mission statement. I'm always looking for courses to add by qualified writers. The story of how I fell into this job is a devo for Daily Devotions for Writers--a very nice, well-put-together book. For ordering info, click Daily Devotions for Writers or you can call 1-877-289-2665. Amazon has it too.

But let me get back on track here. I'm excited about a new class we're offering at Lamar called Writing for Teen Magazines. Jessica Burkhart is teaching it.
Jess has been writing and selling to magazines since she was 11 years old. She has a book coming out in early 2009. This young lady knows what she's talking about. If you're a member of RWA, she's been pubbed in their RWA Report magazine. If you subscribe to The Writer--she's been there too. Her knowledge and experience isn't limited to teen writing. Jess can teach you the ropes if you've dreamed of breaking into nonfiction for teens but you'll be able to use what you learn from her in other areas of writing.

Okay, I'm singing her praises way too much. Check her out for yourself:

Click HERE to read my interview with Jess and learn more about Writing for Teen Magazines.

Click HERE to visit her blog.

Click HERE to visit her website.

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Jessica Burkhart said...

You rock, Jess! Thank you! I'm blogging about this tomorrow.