Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger?

How funny is this? Only my friend Christa would consider me a rockin' blogger. My daughter doesn't venture too far outside Facebook, and certainly no where near her mom's blog, and my husband doesn't even know about Praise, Prayers and Observations. Yes, this middle-aged, rockin' mama--uh, blogger--has a secret life. To my way of thinking, the more people who know I have a blog, the more pressure there is for me to perform, I mean, blog. :) But let me introduce you to a few of my cool blogging friends--my critique partners.

Lisa has been away at youth camp so she's probably recuperating. Actually, she had to get back to her full time job, her editing business, her writing, her husband... no time for recuperating! She definitely deserves the title Rockin' Blogger for being so organized.

Janelle just got home from a cross-country trip only to face getting a requested proposal/completed manuscript prepared and in the mail. She's got a house full of company and besides being a mom, a farm wife, and working at her church she has an ongoing battle with her computer. Yes, my friend Janelle, definitely deserves this Rockin' Blogger banner for not tearing her hair and kicking the dog. Don't hold it against her if her blog isn't updated.

Marcia just returned from a relaxing month on the Nueces River where she typed away on that great new book she's started. Marcia is new to blogging. Maybe this Rockin' Blogger award will give her incentive to make another entry. I'm waaaaiiiittttinng. :)

Sandra has been zipping up and down the highways of Tennessee transporting grandchildren to and from the airport, meeting with web designers, and plotting her next thriller. If you want to be looking over your shoulder every few minutes, just get your hands on one of Sandra's manuscripts. Who could know this sweet lady has a dark side? She definitely deserves a Rockin' Blogger banner.

We're a busy bunch, yet we love our families, volunteer in our churches, and still devote time to our writing. Hopefully, that will never change. I pray that when we're blessed with multiple contracts and deadlines, we'll remember what's truly important: our God, our families, our friends--and we'll continue to be cool Rockin' Bloggers.


Sandra Robbins said...

Me a rockin' girl blogger? You're the one who rocks, Jess. I love this post.

Sandra Robbins

upwords said...

You are a rockin' blogger!

Marcia Gruver said...

...and waiting. LOL.
Wow, Jess. You make my life sound way too glamorous. Of course, now that I'm a Rocking Girl Blogger I'd best get busy and glamorize my tired old blog.

Lisa said...

Yeah, you DO rock, girl.

Christa said...

Never underestimate your coolness!

Janelle said...

Wow, I hate I missed this when you wrote it. I'm still trying to get caught up on all my reading...of e-mails and blogs. And in Sandra's words...ME? a rockin' girl blogger? LOL. Well, I'm trying. I need to go some to get to your status but thanks for the vote of confidence.