Sunday, April 29, 2007


This weekend I attended the 2007 Ladies' conference at my church. The keynote speaker was the very precious Jennifer Rothschild. Marcy Pryor was the worship leader and our other two speakers were Kathy Peel and RoseAnne Coleman. The theme was Vessels of Honor and of course, instruction on how we can become vessels of honor. (Certainly easier said than done.) We had around 400 ladies in attendance.

It really bothers me that I can go to a writer's conference and remember almost every word said and who said it. My mind and heart are like a sponge when it comes to writing and everything about it. But when I attend a women's retreat, or even listen to our pastor's sermons, I take notes like crazy--otherwise, I don't remember a thing. Why is that? Don't tell me. I don't want to hear or even think that I'm putting my writing first and making it my idol. I fear that it might be true. If I know more about writing than I do my Lord and Savior, I'm in big trouble. No doubt about it. If I can quote editors and agents and authors more accurately than I can quote scripture, then something's wrong. I've been writing longer than I've been reading the Bible, but that doesn't seem like a very good excuse. I tend to throw myself into things I'm interested in. I haven't plunged into the Word--at least not consistently. Until this year. I'm reading a book a day, and sometimes more. Still, I'm not remembering. I don't understand. Why can't I remember? - Create custom images People always say if we take a look at our check book we'll see where our heart is but I've never really bought into that. I say we should pay attention to what we talk about and we'll know where our heart is. I think about Jesus constantly, but I talk about writing. My husband thinks and talks about God, missions, and winning souls to Christ--constantly. And his words have action.

How can I ever be a vessel of honor?

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Christa said...

Maybe you're remembering with your heart, not your brain.