Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who's Who?

Hold on to your hat! I'm being considered for inclusion in the 2007-2008____Who's Who among Executive and Professional Women "Honors Edition" of the Registry. I could be among thousands of very important executive and professional women throughout America. And all I had to do to be considered was . . .

Arise at 7:00 or 8:00 or 9:00 every morning
Praise God for another day
Do my Beth Moore Bible Study
Check email
Drink some 100% all natural orange juice
Answer email
Surf the 'net
Talk to husband on the phone
Surf the 'net
Critique some manuscripts
Eat lunch
Surf the 'net
Drive to post office to get mail
Buy fruit, veggies and more orange juice
Come home and surf the 'net
Write a few pages of novel
Surf the 'net
Talk to daughter on phone
Surf the 'net
Talk to husband on phone
Surf the 'net
If it's Tuesday, watch Veronica Mars
If it's Wednesday, watch American Idol
If it's Thursday watch, Grey's Anatomy and Hitch
If it's Friday, watch Close to Home and Numbers
Surf the 'net
Answer email
Read a chapter in the New Testament (Today I'm in Acts)
Think about what I accomplished today
Prepare for tomorrow
I'm so excited. I'll have to hurry with my application--just five working days to get it back to them. Oh my goodness! Just can't wait to see if I'm confirmed. I've earned it, I really have. I mean, look at how much I accomplish during each day. Who's Who -- my single highest mark of achievement. Wish me luck.

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Christa said...

Is that ALL???????? FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!!!