Saturday, February 17, 2007

From One Jess to Another

I've spent the past couple of hours researching blogs and websites, and made an exciting discovery. Check out the following. This young woman, we'll call her Jess -- not messy Jessy because I can identify with that--is going places. Twenty years old and what a list of credits. And, believe it or not Jess has aquired an agent.

Congratulations, you go, girl!

This young woman should be an inspiration to all of us. She's a college student and a writer. Evidently not a procrastinating writer. :) She stated in her blog that her friends party while she studies and writes. All I can say is -- sweetie, you put me to shame.

Follow the links Jess provides. Check out her credits, her bio and her blog. And take a look at her professional affiliations. Now, let's all take a look at our credits, our bio and our professional affiliations. Whoa! This young'un knows what's she's doing. She's got a plan.

Jess takes me back to my early years when I was pulling the East Texas Writers Association together. Our youngest member was thirteen years old. His mom would bring him to the meetings and I would drive him home. Out of our 15 or 20 members, I'll give you one guess who got published first. You're correct. Mark wrote an article on treasure hunting for a national magazine and yes, he got paid.

I love seeing young people racing toward their dreams. They aren't intimidated by anyone. They're brave with their goals. Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back to that time in my life when I raced toward dreams. These days I'm creeping like a 58 year-old arthritic turtle.

Congratulations, Jess, for keeping your goals in sight and not getting distracted by those "extracurricular" activities. I predict that one of these days, you could very well be sitting in an editor's chair reading one of my unsolicited manuscripts.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


Christa said...

Well, I see you've been a busy gal. Good for you! I like the new colors.

Jessica Burkhart said...

You're so sweet, Jess! Thank you for contacting me and I'm going to be hooked on your blog now. :) Best of luck with your writing!