Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Seventh Day

Nope, no 10 pages from these fingers. I did some editing, gathered our tax info, answered the phone alot, and went to the post office to see if my Volkan ORHON CD had arrived. Not yet. I hope I like it. I visited a website that played some of his music and loved the little bit I heard. Check out his website:

Last night I found myself craving a chili cheese dog. Haven't had one in years but all of a sudden, I sure did want one. Must have been those Sonic commercials I saw while watching Veronica Mars. Wow! isn't she something? I love how she connects the dots until she solves a case. And speaking of cases . . .

I need a title for my cozy mystery. If you saw a book with the title The Praiseworthy Case of the Apple Blossom Runaway what would you think? Mmmm, that just jumped into my head. I think I'll keep it -- at least for now. I want to enter a contest and I want the title to be interesting. :) Titles are super hard for me. But then, so is the middle. After I write the first three chapters, I have trouble going anywhere from there. I almost always know the ending. It's that darned middle that gives me trouble.

I have to say though, I don't even have three chapters of The Praiseworthy Case of the Apple Blossom Runaway. I don't even know how it ends. I was writing great guns and stupidly saving to floppy disk when all of a sudden, floppy flopped and I couldn't retrieve any of my information. Thankfully, I still had what my critique partners had viewed in my email, but I lost all my notes, my research and my timeline, and all my what-if questions. I could have barfed. So... that's why I don't have more than a chapter.

I'm supposed to be working on Miranda. That's the one the agent requested. Should have written 10 pages today. Shoulda woulda coulda as Barbara says.

I'm doing well with my fasting. I'm reading several chapters of the New Testament each day. That's one resolution I haven't broken. I'm praying daily. Jim calls each morning and evening, and during the evenings he reads a Verse of the Day and then he prays.

Godly husbands are the best. The very best.

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