Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Calmly, Confidently, Steadily - Just Write

I just came from the blog of a mystery writer who is working on her 19th book. Unfortunately, she's blocked. Her editor has problems with the chapters she's read and to make things worse, the author doesn't want to write. She knows she must. She knows she should, and she knows she has too. What's the answer to her dilemma?
I've been blocked - I think. Actually, I can't tell the difference between procrastinating and being blocked. For me, they probably go hand in hand. I'm sure at some point everyone develops writer's block but I think most writers just storm through that barricade by writing, and I mean writing anything. I've always heard we should just sit down and start typing even if it's the grocery list and I agree, though journaling would be my preference over a grocery list. :) I have a quote on my wall by Norman Mailer. Being a writer means being able to do the work on a bad day. I like that challenge, but if we're unable to do the work on a bad day does that me we aren't writers? My heart goes out to this mystery writer who's in a bad place right now. Every post she makes sounds a little more desperate and depressing. She'll be someone for me to watch and learn from--a life lesson from another writer.

Fortunately, I have to force myself not to write. I get up every morning with a desire to sit down and work. My imagination has been overstimulated all my life by life itself. ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

We should all be so blessed.

I've been searching for Susan Shaughnessy, author of Walking on Alligators but I haven't located her. However, I did come across another very interesting Susan. Check her out at http://www.susantaylorbrown.com/books_writer.html

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Sandra Scoppettone said...

I'm not working on my 19th novel. I've already published that one. I was writing my 20th when I found after 200 pages I couldn't go further with this one. So I put it aside. I'm not blocked. I don't have an idea right now. I'm doing other things to spark an idea. Just writing anything is not the way for me. I advocate sitting in front of your screen/paper everyday for at least an hour until you write or not. But that's if you have an idea. I've been doing this far too many years to write a grocery list. But thanks for the advice. See my blog for a response to your comment.