Friday, April 24, 2015

V is for Voices (and other things)

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Can I just tell you that a whisper sounds incredibly loud in a house with no carpet? Voices... I'm always hearing voices... among other things. We had carpet everywhere, even our bathrooms were partially carpeted. Believe it or not, our baseboards in our sunken den were carpeted too.  (I love my new baseboards!) I suppose wallpaper in the kitchen and halls buffered sounds too.

What's weird is that it's not only inside sounds that echo and seem louder, its outside sounds too. Neighbor's music and voices, birds tweeting and cooing, and the ice cream truck sounds like it's in our driveway waiting for us to run out and choose a flavor.

Maybe things will change once we finish the furnishings--chairs, curtains, paintings on the walls. I hope so.

If you plan on getting wood floors throughout your house, you should know there's going to be some echoing. And certainly more dust. Sweeping is a daily thing these days so you might do like we did--invest in a dust buster to chase those dust bunnies.

Any tips on how to buffer the sounds in our house? Have I overlooked anything?


jaybird said...

At our house, everything used to be silent and I could hear nothing but the birds chirping and the occasional passing of a car or two. Now, we got new neighbors and they brought with them their roosters. I never thought this Bird would grow to hate another. But the sound of those roosters is making me crazy!! They crow all day (and night) long. Haven't slept a full night since the new neighbors moved in. UGh.

Mandy - Frugal Full Time Mom said...

I don't know about the sound. Our house has always been loud. But the floor does show dirt (mainly dog hair) much faster. On my wishlist is one of the automatic vacuums. Then my floors will be cleaned once a day for sure!