Thursday, April 16, 2015

O is for Oven

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I got a new dishwasher, new stove top and a new oven. The oven is the problem. It's incredibly LOUD! It blows air...though I'm not sure why. Something about a cooling fan inside. I didn't choose the oven, Mr. Contractor did. Because he could get it at a great price and we were trying to cut expenses, we bought into this so-called dream oven, as he described it. Sadly, our oven came with no how-to book. There's no doubt it was brand new. Here's the tale we got about the missing booklet: Mr. Contractor had truck trouble. Because his truck was his office, he had the booklet to my oven there and somewhere between his son's house, the towing company and the auto mechanic, my oven booklet disappeared.

Oh well...

The point is, there are buttons on my oven I don't know how to use. Of course, I'm not a fancy cook so it does what I want it to do. I just wish it was a little quieter.

Anyone have an oven that sounds like an idling 18-wheeler?


emilia.m said...

you probably can download the manual off the web :) good luck :)

Jan Newman said...

Is it a convection oven? O my stars, The interesting parts of life never end, do they, even when we are so ready for them to.