Tuesday, April 7, 2015

G is for Granite

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Okay, Day 7. Aren't the days flying by? We'll take a look at granite today. Mr. Contractor gave me a choice of three designs. I guess he knew if he brought any more, I'd be thoroughly confused. Believe me, it's difficult to make a decision on such a small chunk. I learned during this renovation process that I'm not really "visual" I just think I am! Because I had such a time with just three selections, we went to a place that stored huge slabs of granite. That makes it even more difficult because you may have a beautiful piece and then have a horrible, ugly design at one end of it--or even in the middle. Just because you pick out a perfect piece, doesn't mean you're going to get it on your counter top.  But I made my decision and when the large slab was delivered, they stood in the drive way and cut the holes for my stove top and the sink.

Now take a look at my kitchen counter. You can't see them, but the counter top has some ugly "smears" that look like mistakes. Unfortunately, that's just the way the granite is. I accept it. But one afternoon, I was gazing at my new stove top and it looked a little off. Hey! Maybe I am visual! No, I think I just have a critical eye; I'm more of a detail person. Anyway, I got my yard stick and measured. Guess what. My new stove top is lopsided! Oh well, after the new flooring was flooded, a lopsided stove is the least of our worries. Right? 

Have you ever renovated a house? Tell me how it went for you.


Mary Aalgaard said...

I would have a terrible time selecting granite, and of course, it would be varied and inconsistent.
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emilia.m said...

it is not flawed it's ORIGINAL! :)

jaybird said...

Your granite caught my eye as it matches mine in my own kitchen!
I was just popping in from the A-Z Challenge but now I have to follow. Nice to meet you!

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Mary - I'm the world's most indecisive person! :)

Emilia, I know, but it looks flawed! LOL

Jaybird, thanks for popping in and thanks so much for following! I really like my granite.

Bob Sanchez said...

Hi, I don't do well selecting colors or materials, but my wife does. That said, I think your granite looks fine. ;-)

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing. I've just read all the previous blogs about your construction disaster thus far... I've been in some of those same situations. DUST - oh, one time my husband thought he'd be good and tear out a window himself, without telling me. Didn't shut the door to the bedroom or cover the bedding - there was dust EVERYWHERE. Same thing happened with another project. You think it's contained, but it's not. Well, you know all about it.