Friday, August 15, 2014

Oklahoma Authors, Love and A Cursed Doll

Many of you know that hubby and I lived in Oklahoma for about eighteen months. I think Oklahoma must be one of the most interesting states in our country. It oozes creativity and authors. I loved it.

While there, I had the opportunity to participate in a series of novellas with the recurring theme of a cursed Scrimshaw doll. The curse began in the late seventeenth century when a father feared his daughter’s betrothed would betray her. A gypsy attempted to hex the girl with this spell: All those who betray you will suffer. Only true love can break the curse. Unfortunately, the curse went into the doll the daughter held, and has been passed on for centuries.

All our stories are written in various genres and all stand alone. They were published by The Wild Rose Press as individual releases, but we’re excited that they have been released in two boxed sets.

If you ever have an opportunity to write a series with a group of writers, go for it. It's a learning experience but loads of fun. We hope you enjoy our Scrimshaw Doll series!

Volume 1: Cursed includes:
Pirate’s Proposal – Diana Layne
The English Lily – Kae Elle Wheeler
Trail of Hope – Heidi Vanlandingham
Fading Rose – Tamrie Foxtail
The Last Daughter – Jessica Ferguson


Volume 2: Burdened includes:

The Color of Betrayal – Kathy L. Wheeler
Thicker Than Water – Alicia Dean
Skinbound – Anna Kittrell
Tessa’s Treasures – Callie Hutton
The Bone Bride – Tamrie Foxtail


Charles Gramlich said...

Very cool. Great titles.

E.J. Wesley said...

Great collection of work! And having been born and raised in Oklahoma, I couldn't agree more. So many brilliantly creative people there. :)

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Charles - thanks.

E.J. - thanks for commenting. I think 'brilliantly creative' is the key phrase. During the time we were there, I felt so incredibly free and capable. I think there's something in the wind. :)

Lynn said...

How exciting to be a part of this collection of stories. So are these in paper book form?

Lynn said...

Okay, I answered my own question by clicking on the link!