Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Inconvenience

Definition of inconvenience (n)

  • in·con·ven·ience
  • [ ìnkən véenyənss ]
lack of convenience: the quality or fact of being inconvenient or causing discomfort, difficulty, or annoyance
annoyance: something that causes difficulties or annoyance
cause difficulty to somebody: to cause somebody difficulties, especially relatively minor or unnecessary ones, or ones involving unwanted extra effort, work, or trouble

As some of you know, hubby recently retired after working 47+ years for the same company. We've looked forward to renovating our home, getting wood floors, ceramic tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, new appliances and kitchen cabinets and tearing out a totally useless wet bar to make bookshelves. Wet bar to the right.

We've been under construction (demolition) since March 6th. What an INCONVENIENCE. I almost feel as if this
is self-inflicted pain. I know once everything is completed, we'll be thrilled, but until then ... I'm not able to put my mind in writing mode. Or maybe I should say rewriting mode since that's what I'd hoped to do during this time. We have two more bedrooms to move stuff out of, but there's no place to put their contents until we get some floors down. Our garage is full.

Here are a few pics so you'll understand what I'm going through and if anyone has questions about how and what they should do to "prepare" for such a renovation, just ask. I have a few answers. Hubby is standing in what used to be our kitchen, playing with his iPhone. Twitter keeps him sane. To the right is the bathroom. Very INCONVENIENT when they decide to tear up both bathrooms at the same time! The other night we took a shower is our smaller bathroom by flashlight. Wow, new experience!

Renovation is a lot like tearing a novel apart and putting it back together again--correctly--or maybe the new way you see it in your mind. What do you think?

To the right is in my office. The path leads to my desk. We stored most of our books and breakables here because renovation is NOT happening in this room. I can only take so much ... INCONVENIENCE!

Do you have any tales of inconvenience? Do you think you could write while this is going on? Have you renovated before? Maybe I could learn a few things from you. Share!

I'm blogging my way through the alphabet with more than a thousand others who are doing the same. Please support the bloggers of the #AtoZchallenge by visiting, sharing or commenting.  It's fun! Certainly more fun than this INCONVENIENCE!


Cathy said...

Definitely an inconvenience! We livrd for six weeks once when our entire main floor was torn up. My one suggestion would be to chunk it down, if possible. But the good news by going big, as you're doing is that once it's done, the whole thing is done. For us, being without a kitchen for six weeks was a lot like camping.

Charles Gramlich said...

The worst inconvenience we've had is after a couple of hurricanes with significant flooding we had no indoor plumbing that worked.

Bonnie Burns said...

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Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Cathy - I hope once it's done it's done! I wouldn't go through this again for any amount of money! :)

Charles - I've shared some hurricanes with you. :) We had damage but not like yours.

Bonnie - How exciting! I'll be in touch.