Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blogger or Worpress?

Today I blogged at the Scrimshaw Doll site. You can read Life Outside the Book here, and please, leave a comment. Blog posts get pretty lonely without comments. No comments make the blogger feel as if no one liked what they had to say.

I have to conjure up a good amount of patience to post on Wordpress. For sure, it challenges me! I agree with most of you--Wordpress blogs look wonderful, very professional, but give me simple any day of the week. Maybe I'm just used to my home here. I can breeze right through arranging my posts with pics and urls. Days later, if I spot a typo or want to rearrange a sentence, cut or add, I can do it over and over with no problems. I have no idea how that affects people who automatically get my posts in their emailbox. (Anyone out there?) Do they get multiple copies? The first with errors?

I have friends who have moved their blogging home to Wordpress. That seems like desertion to me. Guess I'm too sentimental.

If you've started over with your blogging after failed attempts or ... just because ... tell us about it. Why does one choose Wordpress over Blogger? Why does one leave one or the other after years of blogging to start anew?


Love's Journey said...

Love you work.I can't read your work w/o wanting to run pickup paper & pen and begin writing myself. You are SO inspiring. I wish for time and discipline. I had better start praying instead of wishing!! Teresa

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. I'll check it out

Stelios Perdios said...

I just picked Blogger and went with it. Wordpress is nice, but I just don't want to fiddle with every little detail (or open up yet another online account I'd have to maintain).

You can make a blog look as fancy as you want it to look, but when it comes down to it, content matters most, as well as your audience's ability to navigate through that content.

When it come to that, I don't see much difference between Blogger and Wordpress (unless somebody can enlighten me).

Li said...

I went with Blogger for simplicity. I recently switched from my basic template to the new "dynamic views". It looks better, and traffic/views doubled almost immediately. However, dynamic views doesn't allow most of the widgets I used to have, and I have also run into issues with people not being able to comment. (Apparently, it has something to do with which browser is being used. Also, refreshing the page will sometimes make the comment box appear.) I wanted to switch back to my old template, but alas I had not backed it up first. Sooo...I would advise anyone thinking of making major changes - or migrating to a different platform - to back everything up first.

Sherry Perkins said...

Hey Jess, weird you put this up cause I just had to start a new blog last week. Reason: lost/forgot/misplaced/moved or whatever the reason, my combinations of letters and numbers for my dog-gone password.

Anyway, feel free to add my new blog at


Sylvia Ney said...

I enjoy blogger. Haven't tried wordpress. BTW - I nominated you for an award:

Lexa Cain said...

I was on Wordpress first, but didn't like the free templates or the whole software thing. I switched to Blogger. Mostly, I'm very happy except for once getting locked out of my blog for "unusual activity." Google wouldn't let me back in until I furnished them with my phone number. I also know people who've been locked out forever. Seriously - what could you do if they deleted your whole blog? You have no recourse. You're stuck.
Well, let's cross our fingers it never happens.