Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do You Know What You Don't Know?

I’ve been doing line edits on my novella. Not fun while feeling miserable. I don’t get sick often but when I do … it’s usually a whopper. I’m on the mend though so thanks for good thoughts coming my way.

About the line edits … It’s frightening to realize how much I don’t know about POV, showing and telling, and overwriting. The most subtle observation/thought/action on the part of a character can be a point of view violation. If I dwell on these things I don’t know, I’ll find myself in the middle of writer’s block quicksand—sinking fast. Instead, I’m trying to marvel at how much stronger my story becomes when I edit, choose stronger verbs, cut unnecessary words and repair those POV problems. And I’m trying to learn. Odd that I can catch these problems in other people’s manuscripts but not mine. Why is that?

I love my story. I love my characters. Is that wrong to say? Probably, but I’m a little impressed with myself for ‘thinking up’ such a story. For so long I’ve felt creatively dead. I felt like I really stretched my brain.
My novella is called The Last Daughter and is part of the Scrimshaw Doll series by Oklahoma Romance Writers. It's a romantic suspense and should be out later this year. Here’s an unofficial blurb:

Given away as a child, Rayna Guilbeau grew up with questions—questions about her real family and questions about how she ended up in Louisiana with a disfiguring heart branded on her chest. When she sees a sale ad for a house in Oklahoma City called Wounded Heart, she feels an instant connection. Somehow, the house holds the key to her mysterious past.

Trent Jones, an easy-going picker who’s always looking to make a few bucks, is the new owner of Wounded Heart, a three-story house filled with antiques and mystery. When an intriguing young woman shows up on his property at midnight, claiming she was born there, he knows his life is about to change.

A mysterious trash man, a gunshot through a bedroom window, and a cursed doll named Tiva spark an emotional journey into danger. Together, Trent and Rayna find answers, family, and unwavering love.

You can get to know some of my characters by following The Schrimshaw Doll blog. I contributed my second post today. You can check out both posts by clicking on the following links. Would love for you to leave a comment!

Cursed Dolls Don't Weep--Or Do They?



Charles Gramlich said...

I know some of the things I'm weak on and I try to compensate for that. I'm sure there are many things I have no idea that I don't know, though. And that kind of scares me.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

I feel your pain - I always realize how much I don't know when editing too LOL!

Good luck and God's Blessings with your new book!

Sylvia Ney said...

Congratulations - I'm looking forward to the new story!

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Charles - it certainly scares me! I feel as though I'm regressing even though my editor says everyone has POV problems. Some people don't mind POV switches.

Pam - Editing is a buggaboo!

Sylvia - When it's finally available, I'll shout a loud HOORAY!

Julie Jarnagin said...

The novella sounds wonderful!

Lynn said...

Way to go... your book sounds awesome and I can't wait until it is out so I can read it. Good for you to keep at the editing process. You're an inspiration!

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Julie - thanks so much for following. Looking forward to hearing you speak Saturday.

Lynn - got your sweet card. I think of you often and feel so bad that I haven't written you back! But you're in college so you do NOT have time to read mail! ;) Thanks for popping in.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Very intriguing!

I had a business partner that used to say that all the time - you don't know what you don't know. And if you really think about it, the saying makes perfect sense.

BECKY said...

Your novella DOES sound very intriguing! I'll definitely buy it...along with your autograph on it, too, of course! :)
I'm sorry you've been sick. I'm the same way...I hardly ever get sick, but when I do....Look Out! Feel better soon.
And editing?? Oh yeah...I've been working on what I like to call my "final edits" of my memoir!!