Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet Rewards for Writers

I’ve had a couple of very nice surprises in the past day or two. First, I ordered a book that was published in 2011 and found this acknowledgement:

“I wish to thank my critique partner extraordinaire, Jessica Ferguson, for all her wonderful suggestions …”

Several years ago through one of my on-line writing groups, another writer and I agreed to do a read-through of each other’s completed manuscripts. Hers was a historical and oh, how I dreaded reading it. I didn't think I could help her at all because historical novels just aren’t my thing. I don’t know why. I used to read them all the time when I was young, and loved them, but these days it takes a special historical to capture my attention.
The author--we didn’t know each other--emailed it to me, I printed it out (yes, sorry, I kill trees) and WOW! It was wonderful.  I couldn’t quit reading. I flipped manuscript pages like crazy. The only real comment I had was regarding the ending. The characters and story were so good that the ending didn’t measure up, left me wanting. No way did Dulcie deserve such an ending! And we know what they say: The first page sells the book and the last page sells the next book. Right?

I want to introduce you to Dulcie Crowder Gets Her Man by Sarah Richmond.
After her father’s death, Dulcie Crowder leaves their El Dorado claim and travels to Hangtown. Her aim is matrimony, and she sets her hat for the handsome deputy, Tom Walker. But he wants a woman he can be proud to walk beside, so Dulcie tries to transform herself into a lady.

Tom has vowed above all else to bring law and order to this hardscrabble gold rush town, and knows Hangtown is no place to get married and start a family. Yet, he takes notice as Dulcie tries to turn his head and win his heart. So do all the other lonely men around.

When Dulcie discovers corruption in the judiciary during the trial of a friend, she naturally turns to Tom for help. The deputy looks for evidence, but Dulcie has other ideas on how to catch the varmint. As she works for justice, will she jeopardize her chances with Tom?

Learn more about author Sarah Richmond and the setting for Dulcie by visiting her website. And if you want to laugh and love a story and characters, GET THIS BOOK! I'm not exaggerating--I STILL have those printed manuscript pages because this love story is a KEEPER!

* * * * *

Now the next great surprise was when I downloaded the first of a new series of instructional articles by Charles A. Gramlich. At the end of this valuable little how-to, I found that Charles printed my review of his book Write with Fire, Thoughts on the Craft of Writing. I find that thrilling! You might check out this series. It provides a detailed examination of one critical aspect of the writing craft, and Fiction Techniques #1 is about Creating Suspense. I gained some valuable info that will, no doubt, improve my romantic suspense writing. And I promise you won't be disappointed. Fiction Techniques #1 is FREE today and tomorrow, so grab it NOW!
I love reading the dedications and acknowledgements in books, and as you can tell, to the very last page. This is one of the nicest gifts you can give a crit partner or fellow writer. At least, I think so.

Thanks Charles and Sarah!


BECKY said...

That's really cool about the acknowledgment!! I's the best gift!....besides a book, of course! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

thanks to you for reviewing Write with Fire in the first place. I was very glad to get it!

Ghadeer said...

Must have been an incredibly heart-warming moment!

Misha Gericke said...

Oh wow that's such an honor. Dulcie sounds like a wonderful heroine too. :-D

Lynn said...

How wonderful - that's as thrilling as publishing! Okay, guess it is like publishing.

Sarah Richmond said...

I appreciate your kind words. Thanks so much.