Friday, November 2, 2012

Hearts, Hearths & Holidays - AVAILABLE!

My short story, A Child Was Born,  published in the Seasons of Love anthology series called Hearts, Hearths & Holidays is now AVAILABLE! Thank you, Cajunflair Publishing!

Okay, I’m excited. In fact, I think I’m more excited about this short story than I was when my first, my one and only book, came out way back in 1996. The difference? By the time I sold my book, received the contract and signed it, revised according to editorial suggestions, prepared the fact sheet, waited … waited … waited … the excitement had ended. And remember, I wrote it, moved to another state, sold it, moved to another town, revised it, moved. It came out while I lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana where I had my first speaking engagement and my first book signing.  Book signings are scary. No, for me they’re traumatic. I feel as if I’m sitting on hind legs waiting for someone to toss me a doggie treat.  Yes, I signed my book with friends. Still, not fun. Maybe it’s just me. A down side to selling category romance back then was that the books were only in stores for a few weeks--then they were gone forever. Now, of course, all books are going digital.
Writing my short story, A Child Was Born, was fun. I love my characters. I love all the little girls--even the ones with no names. I’m proud of it. I’m not saying it couldn’t be better. In my mind, I keep thinking of things I should have added, fleshed out, even things I should change. I suppose that’s the way it is with all writers; we always second guess ourselves and have a difficult time letting go.

If you decide to purchase our Christmas anthology, you can get it from Barnes and Noble or from Amazon. In the near future, it will be available in print. Look it over. Check out the other authors--they have track records!


Sylvia Ney said...

Congratulations - I can't wait to read it!

Lynn said...

Congratulations. The cover is really pretty. I'm so excited for you! Looking forward to reading the story!

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool and congratulations. Getting on toward that season of the year!

Lexa Cain said...

I've had the same experience. Some of my books I tire of quickly while others remain beloved, old friends. Congrats on getting one of your "beloveds" published! :-)