Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Critiques, Anyone?

Laura Barnes of Laura B. Writer gives blog critiques from a marketing perspective with the help of two graphic designers. She has great insight and gives very helpful suggestions about how to make a blog more appealing to readers.  November 12th -- it's my turn to be critiqued.
For info on how to submit your blog for her critique, go here.
I decided to get a blog critique because it's time to look more professional. I'm sure Laura's suggestions will point me in that direction.
I wanted to post info about the writer's conference w/pictures, but I can''t get my pics to load on hubby's laptop. Remember? Mine is in the shop. I hope my techie man can save it--I'll let you know tomorrow.
I had the best time speaking to BWG. And I have some great news to share ... later!


Bethie said...

Loved seeing you again. Curious about the news. Will see how your blog evolves.

Charles Gramlich said...

I know mine isn't any great shakes.