Monday, September 24, 2012

L.J. Sellers Shares All In The Writer

Awhile back I told you that The Writer magazine would shut their doors if a buyer wasn't found. I'm thrilled that they did find a buyer--Madavor Media. As far as I know, they'll continue as they are, publishing wonderful articles like A Successful Journey into E-Books by L.J. Sellers. You absolutely cannot afford to miss this article. It’s in the October 2012 issue. L.J. lays it out there for you, all the reasons she switched from being a traditionally published author to an eBook author. Her reasons are good and methodically thought out. The best thing about this piece is the honesty, her tone. L.J. doesn't skip or skimp on the info she shares with the reader. You can trust this information.

Some of her valuable advice was in this paragraph: I decided to stop wasting time and money on things that weren't working and focus on things that were. What wasn't working for me was my small publisher, which couldn't get my books into stores. What was working for other people was the growth in ebook sales.

This is excellent advice for all of us. We need to evaluate what’s working for us and what isn’t.

L.J. shares her path through the digital world, and her decision to forget about print books and bookstores certainly paid off. Amazon Publishing offered her an 11-book contract. Yep, you read right. Now rush out to the bookstore and pick up a copy of The Writer. You can learn something from L.J. Sellers.

You can read more about L.J. Sellers by visiting her website.  


Charles Gramlich said...

That's good news. Glad to hear it.

LD Masterson said...

Thanks for the update.

Michael Manning said...

Ah, good news to hear that a rescue has occurred! The competitor of the magazine I write for has folded a fourth time.

Lynn said...

That is good news. I used to subscribe to this magazine and several others, but at one point, I couldn't keep up with reading them. Maybe I'll subscribe again.