Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Sylvia at Writing in Wonderland for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I was trying to add a place to post my 'awards' and wiped out my pages. :) Grrrrrrrr! Blogging makes me tear my hair; most days I don't feel like a creative/Kreativ Blogger.


1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog(s).
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Provide ten random facts about yourself.
4. Last, but not at all least, hand this on to seven deserving others.

Ten Questions (that only scratch the surface):
1. What is my favorite song?  Just give me music and I'll be happy. I like listening to music when I'm alone.
2. What is my favorite dessert? Ice cream, hot fudge sundaes, Blizzards! Anything ice cream!
3. What ticks me off? Politicians and anyone else who tries to destroy our country and change our history.
4. What do I do when I'm upset? Gripe, gripe, gripe (and vote!)
5. What is or has been my favorite pet?  When I was little I loved lizards. They were all named Lizzie, I played with them until they died, then I buried them in a 'lizard graveyard' under the hedge behind our house.
6. Which do I prefer: white or wheat?  I prefer white but I force myself to eat wheat. Blah!
7. What is my biggest fear? You name it and I fear it: success, failure, pain, loss of a loved one, car wrecks, hurricanes, tornadoes ...
8. What is my attitude mostly? Up and down and all around. I've been accused of being combative. Sometimes I am. I've also been accused of being negative but I call it being realistic.
9. What is perfection? God creating nature. Is there anything more perfect than a nest full of baby birds? Have you ever watched a bird pick up a twig for her nest, then hop over to pick up another, then another, then another without dropping the previous twigs out of her beak. Fascinating and beautiful and perfect creation in action.Only God could make such perfection.
10. What is your guilty pleasure?  A package of powdered donuts. I don't share!
Ten Random Facts about me.....

1. I used to love watching commercials. Now I don't understand them.
2. I could live in the library. I always come home with such random books: basket weaving, jewelry making, the history of this, that or the other.
3. I love finding unknown cousins and family members through my genealogy.
4. I have a secret desire to invent something.
5. I don't like onions or cucumbers.
6. I'd love to start a business called Encouragement Incorporated where everyone could be handed positive strokes on a continuing basis. No cocky, self-assured, aggressive, mouthy people allowed.
7. I would love to find a lost child that was featured on John Walsh's missing children show.
8. I usually hate the bad guys, but I like J.R. Ewing.
9.  I despise shopping for clothes or shoes. Plop me down in an office supply store and I'm in hog heaven!
10. I'd love to write a screenplay.

I give the Kreativ Blogger Award to the following:
James Tate at Tate's Other Side
Kristi at Getting Lost in Louisiana
Kent Conwell at The Eyes of Texas
Debbie Gail Smith
Debra at DreamWeaver
Bossy Betty  Please pop over to this blog and look at Bossy Betty's home renovations. It will take your breath away and make your heart race. Seriously!
Amy de Trempe - she needs to get back to her blogging!


Jayne said...

Jess- Found you by way of Suze. Congrats on your Kreativ Blogger award. I swear your Ten Random Facts list is almost a mirror image of mine! Come to think of it, so are the questions (with the exception of the donuts, which my stomach can no longer handle--but Lordy, how I grew up on those things). :)

Glad to have discovered PP&O!

Tried to read you on your other blog, too, but cannot poke in...

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Hi Jayne - thanks for poppimg over and becoming a new follower. :) My other blog was just an idea. I lost inspiration for it before it got off the ground. :) I'm headed over to check you out.

Suze said...

It's great that you vote when you get upset -- well done!

Congratulations on the award, Jess.

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

haha - Suze, actually I vote even when I'm not upset. I guess I feel like I'm making a REAL point when I'm mad. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like JR too. I'm kind of ashamed of myself but there you go. :)

Congrats on your award!