Monday, March 5, 2012


Southern Writers Magazine, the magazine I write for, is hosting a short story contest. And this summer they'll publish a bonus issue of Southern short stories by our readers. Whether you're already a well-known novelist, or a newcomer ready to get in print, the Southern Writers Short Story Contest is a great opportunity.
Any family-friendly subject is welcome, and the guidelines are simple:

1. Your story must take place in a Southern setting or feature a character from the South.
Manuscript must be 1000 words or less, 12 pt Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Your name, email address and mailing address must be on page 1, with your title and story beginning on page 2.
No erotica, profanity or otherwise questionable content will be considered.
5. Submission and entry fee must be received by 12:01 AM May 2, 2012.
Go HERE for more info. We'd love for you to subscribe to Southern Writers Magazine. It's absolutely crammed full of good articles and great tips and suggestions for marketing, writing, networking--you name, this magazine has it! My article on Louisiana novelist Christa Allan is in this latest issue. Would love for you to check it out.
Some of you know how much I love The First Line Literary Magazine. Editor David LaBounty spoke at one of our BWG conferences: great session if you need a speaker on small presses, literary magazines, poetry, plays or short stories. The  purpose of The First Line is to jump start the imagination--also, an exercise in creativity for writers and a chance for readers to see how many different directions we can take when we start from the same place.
Go HERE to learn more and get a list of deadlines and first lines. I'm excited that The First Line is now available on Kindle. Go HERE to subscribe or purchase a single copy.


Shannon Milholland said...

Jess, what a great opportunity!

Vicki Moss said...

Lookin' good Jess. Can't wait to see who is going to win and and can't wait to read their stories! ~Vicki

Jess said...

Shannon - it is a good opportunity. Wish I could enter!

Vicki - Thanks for the follow and I can't wait to get that issue. I love contests and short stories!

James R Tate said...

This is great publicity for the winner. Gonna have to come up with something special. I really like this magazine. Missed you at the meeting, Jess.

Jess said...

James - Thanks! Daughter was in town to spend the weekend with us before our move to Oklahoma next weekend. :(

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. I'll send this information around to some folks I know.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Sounds good to me. I'm in.

Jess said...

Charles & Debra - Thanks a bunch. Pass it to everyone and enter too!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing! And I'm going to check out The First Line Literary Journal too! I thought I had put your blog in my google reader as it's the only way I can keep up with blogs, and for some reason anything new I'm adding doesn't seem to go in there, so I don't know if they changed it or what. Arrrr. I'm missing a lot.

Jess said...

Lynn - I think Google has been acting a little weird. :)