Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rejection & Acceptance

7th Heaven dad, and author Stephen Collins said, “You need to develop, somehow, a huge amount of faith and confidence in yourself, because there's a lot of rejection throughout an actor's life and you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else.”

That applies to writers too. We have to believe in ourselves more than anyone else does. How do we do that? Without being, feeling, acting arrogant, I mean? I suppose continuing to write after receiving rejections is one way. I guess.

I heard from two submissions this past week. They both came in on December 8th. A rejection from an agent. Major compliments on my query letter and my strong hook. She even commented on my “intriguing” idea. I paid more attention to what she didn’t say--absolutely nothing about my writing. I’ve read and re-read the rejection, trying to conjure up what she really said. Do you try to read between the lines, analyze or are you smarter than I am and give your rejections a cursory glance before getting back to what's important: your writing.

A few hours after receiving the rejection I got an acceptance from 5x5 Fiction: Stories told Loud and Clear. The editor gave me wonderful compliments. I can live on them for a month or two, or three--at least until another rejection comes in. My 25-word story will be in the fourth issue of 5x5 Fiction. Watch for it. There are still a handful of spots left for the fourth issue; read guidelines HERE. These little stories are tricky.

Also, see a few of Stephen Collins' writing credits below and check out his books HERE. I always liked this guy! :)

Double Exposure a novel published by William Morrow, May, '98 (hardcover).

Eye Contact a novel published by Bantam, July, '94 (hardcover) and May, '95 (paperback).

Super Sunday a play produced at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, directed by Paul Benedict. Starred James Naughton, Faye Grant, Marilu Henner, and George Wendt. ('88). Revived at The Moth Theatre, Los Angeles, directed by Jamie Wollrab. ('11).

Water Hazard a short story in a collection of golf-related suspense stories edited by Otto Penzler.

Now tell me, how do you REALLY feel when you get a rejection? Be honest--it’s Christmas!


Charles Gramlich said...

It's changed for me. I used to get hurt. Now, "sometimes" I'll feel a mild irritation, but much of the time I just chalk it up to the vagaries of publishing and promptly forget about it.

Lucy Merrill said...

Rejection. Possibly the worst word in the language. Trying to believe in myself is not easy on most days, but when I get rejection. Forget it. Then, really forget it. It's the only way.

Jess said...

Charles - 'mild irritation' is putting it mildly--for me. :)

Lucy - so hard to believe in myself when rejections pile in. If they'd just give us a hint of encouragement, it might be easier.