Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Quotes

You know how I love quotes. Here are a few that make me think so I thought I'd share. These authors are alive and well, and selling books!

For me, television can be a big distraction, so I get out of the house to write. There's no tv at the coffee shop and I feel like, if I'm going to spend the $$ on something as frivolous as a Black Thai Latte Fusion, then I'd better have something productive to show for it. ~Erica Vetsch

Real voice should be like a road with some curves and potholes. ~Charles Gramlich

Never, ever, let someone outside of your world derail your dreams. ~J.T. Ellison

I advise all new authors to listen to their gut, and focus on their dreams. ~J.T. Ellison

I've been to college. I've worked in the cutthroat corporate world. I've been in a war. Nothing could have prepared me for the publishing business. ~D.B. Grady

Aspiring writers have got to go out there and meet people, because the personal connection trumps the cold query every single time. ~D.B. Grady

But if you notice something unusual that brings comfort or meaning to your life, why question it? ~Amy Yelin

And from my daughter who is faithfully doing the Insanity workout:

I exercise until I drip with sweat. That better be pounds I smell! ~Chaney Ferguson


Charles Gramlich said...

that better be pounds I smell." Lol. Love that. I find myself in good company!

Carole said...

Nice. Great quotes.