Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Three Favorite Blogs

There are so many fantastic blogs I want to keep up with but how many can we read in a day and still work, write, socialize, live life?

I follow many but here are three I find interesting:

Working Stiffs is written by several crime writers. They blog about life, work and murder. I pop in periodically and I'm always intrigued by their stories and observations. I could spend hours reading their entries. Check out their latest about a young boy found in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia back on February 25, 1957. Investigators haven't given up; this story is amazing.

I also enjoy The Graveyard Shift - written by Lee Lofland, a veteran police investigator. Lee is the author of Police Procedure and Investigation , an authoritative guide that provides insight into a cop's world.

My friend and Swamp Lily partner Jan shared this great poetry blog with me just this morning. There's a wealth of info here if you're a poetry lover. You can spend hours and hours exploring this site.

Last but certainly not least is THIS ONE and I can truthfully say, I visit Hope Clark's blog more than any others. It offers markets, how to, advice, opinions and encouragement--and a number of other things. If you like to keep up with contests and markets, large and small, then you should be hitting this blog every day or two and subscribing to Hope's newsletter called Funds for Writers. I don't think I'm being naive when I say that I trust everything that comes out of this woman's mouth... uh... fingertips...uh computer. Well, as Robert Blake said in his 70’s T.V. series Baretta,"You can take that to the bank." And many of Hope's followers do take their writing success to the bank, thanks to Hope Clark's info. Check her out.

I still want to tell you about my photog course in Houston and a number of other things, but I'm racing toward a deadline. More later. Promise.

What have you been doing?


David Cranmer said...

Thank you for the suggestions and best of luck with the deadline.

Charles Gramlich said...

cool on the links. I appreciate it. There are some great blogs out there for sure.