Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let The Insanity Stop HERE!

I just found NEW copies of my 14-year old romance on Amazon for $82.42 (3.99 shipping).

Is that crazy or what? Don't panic, they have another copy for only $19.95. And used for a penny. :)

Please, please...let the insanity stop! Don't pay $85+ for my little romance, I'll send you a copy. :-)
(Note: this is not a Christian romance but it's not R-rated either.)

Every now and then I check and this is the first time I've found my book (new or used) on Amazon. Where did it come from? Do used bookstores stockpile? How come mine is just making it out of the pile and onto Amazon? I don't understand how or why this happens. Can someone explain? A friend just bought a copy from another bookseller for a couple of bucks. Why is it I'm not getting any 'bucks' on these sales?

I'm in the process of trying to get the rights back on this book but I've been told it's a slow process. Publishing is a crazy business. About the time I think I understand--everything shifts and I'm back at square one.

When a writer finally sells his or her book, who do you think makes the most money: the author? the agent? the publisher?
Just curious.


David Cranmer said...

Many times folks just throw numbers up there to see what happens. He/she is probably just a collector.

Charles Gramlich said...

Publisher makes the most, I'm sure. That's cool about the book though. I've seen this happen with older books. The prices will be so varied. Amazing.

Karen Walker said...

Hi Jess,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello - thanks for the follow on my blog. So nice to meet fellow writers. My book is doing the same thing on Amazon, by the way. I'm just learning to let go. I tried to log onto your other blog, but it's invitation only. Is it possible to get an invite?

Jess said...

David, thanks for popping in. I've started reading Beat to a Pulp. Big congrats to you. :)

Charles, I'm always thrilled when you take time to visit my blog.

Karen, Thanks for looking me up. My other blog is nothing by a title. I had an idea for an advice blog--from real writers for amateurs or wannabes--but never did anything with it. The story of my life. :)