Monday, August 23, 2010

My Book Trailer Debut

Well, the time has come for my book trailer debut. Talk about fun and focus. It's been a long time since I've focused to this extent.

First of all, I took my class from author Kris Tualla at SavvyAuthors and her instructions were excellent. They were step by step with nothing left out. The class was $25.00 and well worth it.

To put together a movie trailer, you need PowerPoint, text, pictures, and music. You're lucky if you're a photographer and have an abundance of beautiful people at your fingertips. I'm not and I don't. I love taking pics, but the one picture I took looks quite inferior in comparison to the ones I purchased. Please notice that beautiful blond hair on Miranda--just like my daughter's hair. :)

Okay, I purchased most of my pictures. I loved them so much, I purchased the ppt converter software to put the thing together. You do have the option of not purchasing anything but you'll have copyright notices/banners plastered across your product. When I recognized my handsome hero, banners across his face was not an option. Searching the pictures for your characters is a challenge, but when you find one that works well with a specific scene in your book, I promise you'll be soooooooo excited. :)

Once I found and fell in love with my characters, I didn't want to short-change them so I bit the bullet and spent the cash. My expenses (not counting the class) came to $102.65. You'll have to determine if it was worth it or not. I believe it was. I know you're asking, "Why? What's the point when you're book isn't even sold?"

Answer: Because I got to know my characters even better, and because I'm more enthusiastic about my book than ever before. I've always believed in my story--regardless of the rejections that come back with "...too much angst" or "too issue-driven." Creating this book trailer has motivated me to hang in there, find the right editor, the one who'll be as enthusiastic as I am.

Yeah, I know, it might never get published, but ... it might.

To me the most difficult thing about putting together a book trailer is selecting the music. Watch, read, listen ... to the very end ... and then tell me what you think.


Carole said...

I love it. It makes me want to buy the book. Totally awesome. Seriously. I have been out of pocket with company and what not, but I love trailer. It just might sell the book for you.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Looks good to me, Jess! Great job and good luck.

Charles Gramlich said...

That is really good. I love the ending, the question, and the final "stab" so to speak. The music works well, especially with the kind of eerie clash at the end.

Jan Rider Newman said...

W-O-W! Like it a lot. Good job.

James R Tate said...

I thought it was really neat--very professional looking. I'm considering it myself. The font on yours bunched the words together a little--I thought the picture of the woman with glasses looking over the book was a little comical. Small details I know, just letting you know what I see. The video teases to a very interesting story--so I would say mission accomplished. Bravo!!

Jess said...

Hey, thanks for taking a look.

Carole, Wouldn't it be fun if a book trailer actually did the hard work of a query letter? :) Would LOVE that!

Angie, thanks for stopping in. ?This was an incredibly FUN project.

Charles, I love the ending and the music seemed to really fit. Of course, the timing is a little off when it comes to the last author promo. I just hate to go back in and fix it.

Thanks Jan. Now we need to work on you know what. Heh heh heh.

James! I guess you think after all that honesty I've dished out on your stuff, you can be honest with me, huh? :-) Well... you have a fine eye. I was disappointed that the font bunched some of the words together. I chose that specific font because it looked like real 'teacher print' on a blackboard. Also... you hit the nail on the head about the comical woman looking over the book. I considered other pics, but chose this one because 1) she had a book and 2)she wore glasses. A teacher look and the word framed. haahahah There's no rhyme to my reasoning. You nailed it though with your comments. So... I might have to twist your arm to give it a final read through. AFTER you get back from NY of course. :-)

Thanks everyone!

Zimbabwe said...

I like to read about people, who do what they like. God gave You the talent. I know the poet - very intelligent, cultural and interesting woman, who likes discuss with people in all ages (with young and elder) about poetry and art. Always I can learn from her very much.

Jess said...

Zimbabwe, thanks for visiting my blog. I love poetry and art--and poets and artists! I think they teach fiction writers how to paint with words. :)


Hi Jess,

I thought it was a great video. I hope everything goes well for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Jess! Makes ME want to pick it up and read it. I keep telling my son that he'd be a great book cover, maybe I could use him in a book trailer instead...hmmm. Great job!

Jess said...

Ron - thanks for popping over to my place. :) It doesn't hold a candle to yours!

Cajunflair-you need to snap bunches of pictures of your son. And those pretty daughters of yours. You oould make a great booktrailer using your own kids!:)

christa said...

Jess: I'm verklempt! You're diving in to your novel! So glad.

Great job on the trailer. I tried doing my own and almost bashed my own head with my laptop. The music works; it doesn't distract from the text and images.

While I liked the look of the font, I did think it made the text challenging to read in some place. Maybe just more spacing between the words?

Killer close...